About Active Listening in English: Towards IELTS

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This is the main menu page. Each unit (with increasing levels of difficulty) has four kinds of exercises. Focused Listening focuses on particular listening skills, Starting out at University focuses on typical student situations, Lectures provide examples of short presentations/lectures and Students Talking focuses on skills needed in the speaking part of the IELTS exam.

This is an example of a focused listening exercise on the topic of Pictures. The learner listens to someone describing four flags and must then match the country to its flag. The next three exercises cover birds, bridges and electrical devices.


This is an exercise from the section Starting Out At University on the subject of libraries. The learner goes on to do a True/False exercise and then a gap-fill exercise. As with the IELTS listening test, listening skills are practised in combination with skills relating to reading, writing, spelling, grammar and vocabulary, etc

This is a gap-fill exercise from the Lectures section. Towards IELTS adapts IELTS practice to learning by computer..

This is a multiple-choice exercise from the Students talking section.

Here the learner gets to practise idiomatic language (very popular with examiners) from the Students Talking section.

Each of the 40 exercises has a vocabulary-learning component where important vocabulary from the exercise is presented to the learner.

Each of the exercises has an IELTS focus. Here the learner gets advice on how the exercise relates to the IELTS test, how to approach the exercise to get the best from it, and tips on further practice.











After completing each exercise the learner may study the transcript and, at the same time, listen to the audio clips.