Read-Up Speed-Up review

Read-Up Speed-Up - Reviews

Students have access to interesting stories in a wide range of levels. They like the flexibility to change the speed and number of words  as they develop their reading skills. The teachers like to be able to assign worthwhile reading passages with comprehension exercises.
Karen Bergendorf, Selnate International School, USA

The topics are interesting and the stories are fun. The program is easy to use and being able to set the reading speed makes it very worthwhile.
Tanja Wietzke, University of Hildesheim


This programme has been very useful for IELTS exam preparation. It helps learners to skim texts for the main ideas within it.

Anna Wright, University of Liverpool


Read Up-Speed Up: Learners go back to this again and again and enjoy the challenge of reducing the time allocation for tasks.
Jane, University of Edinburgh


I like Read Up-Speed Up and use this with students from Asia who are very slow readers, as training.
Barbara, University of Edinburgh

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