Sky Pronunciation reviews

An excellent way of consolidating the pronunciation work we do in lessons & has a good range and balance of exercises. We use it successfully with students of all levels and abilities. It is both popular, well-used and user-friendly. This has been a real hit. The explanations are clear and well staged and the demonstrations of how rhythm and stress work in English are both convincing and fun.
Sue Johns, Kingsway School of English

The most useful package I have come across for helping teacher trainees to learn the phonemic alphabet double-quick!
Dr. Tony Ridgway, Queens University, Belfast

A wonderful and fun starting point for ANY level of student wanting to learn the phonemic alphabet.
Andrew Wyatt, Edinburgh School of English


I really like Sky Pronunciation and use it with Japanese language groups in particular. It's very systematic and useful.
Barbara, University of Edinburgh

Great as a reminder for students who have been at the British Council for a time, and is extremely useful for bringing new students up to scratch quickly. Here in Thailand we have found that the exercises on stress and linking of sounds to be invaluable. These are areas that Thais, and many other Asian speakers of English, have problems with as their native language does not have these features.
Andrew Downer, British Council, Bangkok, Thailand

An excellent, user-friendly package which learners find beneficial and enjoy using. They enjoy the variety of interactive tasks.
Jane, University of Edinburgh

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