About Tense Tester

This is a typical test page. There are three test levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.


As each test item appears, the learner clicks on the correct option. There are 20 test items in each test, covering the range of tenses.


Each test item is generated randomly from lists of 50 options. There are over 600 test items in total.

When they have finished the test, learners can see their results. The Results page gives a score out of 20.


Learners can see in which tenses they made mistakes.


They can then go on and check their mistakes, see their progress and study the grammar in areas where they made mistakes.

This is the Progress Viewer. Here learners can monitor their overall progress and see where they still need to improve.


Learners can store their progress permanently and teachers can access these files to monitor the progress of their students.

Here learners are able to check their mistakes and check this against the correct answer.


They can also study the specific grammar point associated with this mistake and see two examples of this in action.

Here is a page from the Grammar section.


The learner has made mistakes in two areas of the Present Simple Tense. These are marked by the red asterisk.  By clicking on the rules in white, the learner can get more examples.


After they have studied each grammar section, learners can then do a comprehension quiz to check how well they have grasped the grammar.