About Active Listening in English
This is the menu page in Active Listening in English from which you access the different exercises. Each unit has four topic areas and most topic areas have three distinct activities.
In this activity the learner must listen to a weather forecast for Europe and then drag the weather symbols and temperatures onto the correct countries.

In this activity the learner listens to someone telling the story of a sheep who comes to the rescue of a woman.


In Part 2 of this exercise the learner answers a set of gap-fill questions and then chooses a headline for the story.

This is the 'Match the Expressions' activity from the exercise - Maggie the Sheep. The learner matches items from both columns.
This is the transcript page. The learner can only access this after finishing the exercise.

This is the language and pronunciation practice exercise for Maggie the Sheep. The learner must listen for the different ways that past tense regular verbs are pronounced and drag the sentences to the correct sound.


Afterwards the learner can practise repeating sentences by backchaining.