About Us

About us

Sky Software House was set up in 1997. Since then it has been at the forefront in delivering interactive English language materials to a broad range of clients in schools, colleges and universities as well as in companies and corporations. Click on the ‘Reviews’ page on our website to see a list of some of our customers.


Sky Software House is run from its offices in the UK. We welcome orders from customers directly, or through our distributors. See ‘Contacts’ for more information. We also welcome interest from new distributors.


Our values


The principles underpinning Sky Software House are based on its strong links to education. Our creative design team have spent many years as teachers, thereby given them the skills needed to create relevant and appropriate teaching materials to suit the dynamic needs of modern-day learners.


Sky Software House programs are popular throughout the world. The main reasons for this are:


  • we approach each program with a clear idea of the teaching objectives and the learner outcomes.

  • our materials are designed to be easy to understand and to use.

  • our materials have been tested thoroughly with learners from a wide variety of language backgrounds to ensure that they are effective and compatible.

  • we strive for quality in every area of our work, both in the delivery and performance of our software


Our products



Sky Pronunciation gives comprehensive practice in all the main areas of pronunciation and is available as an online or offline resource.



Active Listening in English is a pre-IELTS listening program (50 exercises) focusing on a large variety of realistic everyday situations.

Active Listening in English: Towards IELTS is an IELTS preparation program (40 exercises) covering different aspects of the exam.

Murder Mystery (all levels) is an interactive listening program based on the popular 'Alibi' game.



Read Up-Speed Up (all levels) helps learners to improve their speed reading and text-chunking skills. There are 120 exercises with associated tests.



Tense Tester (all levels) is both a diagnostic and a grammar review program. The test items are drawn from a large bank and appear randomly so the test retains its validity. The PC version has three levels. Tense Tester Intermediate is also available as an i-phone and i-pad app.


Please note that Sky Software House offline titles are all PC-based with no special technical requirements.