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What people have said about Sky Software's Programs

Sky Pronunciation is really popular with our students. It covers all areas of English pronunciation in a way that is both fun and educational. One of the best features is that it helps with the specific problems that are inherent in different languages. The student can choose to work on areas that relate to his or her language as well as areas that are relevant to all learners. It can be used in a classroom environment or as self study.
Joe Sherwani, Globe English Centre, Exeter

Sky Pronunciation covers many of the areas in pronunciation needed by our students. It effectively tackles the various complexities in a lively and fun manner.
St Joseph's School, Pune, India

I can honestly say that of all the software we currently have, (quite a bit) the Sky Pronunciation software is the best in terms of user-friendliness and imaginativeness. It also has the most immediate and greatest appeal to students.
Tim Francis, University of Bath

The pronunciation software from Sky Software has been invaluable for class work and open learning, both for learners of English and for students of linguistics.
Pat Lane, University of Kingston

My MA in ELT students have really enjoyed using the programs in their own time to allow them to gain further practice in areas introduced in class.
Shelagh Rixon, University of Warwick

There is a lot of lavishly produced CALL software, but it is rare to come across really useful stuff that actually does the students a lot of good and is user-friendly. Sky Software's material has these qualities.
Dr Tony Ridgway, Queens University, Belfast

Each program is simply and clearly put together and has provided my students with an extremely useful and enjoyable tool in their quest to improve their English. Whether used for instruction or for awareness raising each program will prove an invaluable part of any teacher's or Self Access Centre's armoury.
Andrew Wyatt, Edinburgh School of English

There are very few packages concerned with pronunciation even though it is an area where many students have problems. The Sky Software package covers the topic very well. As they are very user friendly, it is easy to pick and choose which elements are needed to support an integrated lesson. It helps students when listening as it raises their awareness. One major advantage is that the students love the activities and feel that they are worth repeating. An invaluable addition to the CALL room or any self-access centre.
Andrew Downer, British Council, Bangkok, Thailand

This programme has given our students the best preparation towards improving their spoken English.
Chitra Shivakumar, College of Engineering, New Delhi, India

Sky Pronunciation represents good value and would be a very useful addition to a Self-Access centre to be used for individualised pronunciation practice. 
Shelagh Rixon, University of Warwick

Sky Pronunciation is the favourite software in our multimedia laboratory. The students particularly like the exercise formats in the style of games.
Azura Abdullah Sabawi, Universiti Sultan Idris, Malaysia

Active Listening in English is a great listening programme for learners of English. The exercises are relevant and the extension exercises are very useful too. Excellent early IELTS preparation.
Adriana Prentoulis, E.N. de Mirtos, Costa Rica.

Read Up-Speed Up has helped our learners to improve their ability to read texts quickly and by extension, has really helped them in their exam skills.
Irene Nardiello, ELS, Potenza, Italy.

Read Up-Speed Up: Learners go back to this again and again and enjoy the challenge of reducing the time allocation for tasks.
Jane. University of Edinburgh.

We particularly like Tense Tester which pinpoints learner mistakes and shows exactly which grammar point needs revising.
Robert Coren, The English Academy, London.

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