About The Phonemic Alphabet in English
This is the Sounds of English page where you can listen to each sound and associated words. You can listen to each sound as well as words that use each sound. By clicking on the Languages button, you can see which sounds are problematic for speakers from different language backgrounds.
This is the page where you can see and hear the short vowel sounds as well as words which contain each sound. You may also record your own version and compare this with the model. There are four vowel sections in the program - short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, diphthongs and triphthongs, and all vowel sounds. There are two consonant sections - problem consonants and all consonants.
This is the test feature for diphthongs and triphthongs. There are four test options for vowel sounds: Short vowels, Long vowels, Dipththongs and Triphthongs and All vowels.
In this part of the program you will hear one word and must click on one of the four options. There are forty words altogether, and each time you do the exercise, the test item will appear randomly.
This exercise has a bank of 250 words, which will appear randomly in batches of 20 items at a time. You will get three chances to type in the correct word, after which the answer will appear automatically. You may click on the different parts to hear their sounds.
In the MATCHING section you get different sets of vowels (and one consonant set). You must then drag each word into the correct box, depending on its vowel component. Each set usually has three sets of possible words.
Here the learner must decide if the speaker finishes the verbs with a -d sound, a -t sound or an -id sound. There are two grammar exercises: 'Words ending in -s' and 'Verbs ending in -ed'.