About Similar Sounds
This page displays the twelve consonant sound sets covered in Similar Sounds.Learners can listen to the different sounds, as well as words that contain these sounds, and can also record and compare sounds and words. When they are ready, they click on a sound set they wish to practise.
This is the Vowel sound set menu. Learners can study each sound set before deciding which set to practise.
In this exercise (Words with Similar Sounds), learners click on the PLAY PAIR button to hear two words, one from the across grid and one from the down grid. Then they must click on the square where the two words meet. They may click on the ten words across and down the grid to hear how they sound and they may also record and compare words. For each consonant and vowel set there are at least two sets of ten words. Click here to go to sample in action.
The second test section is Similar Sentences. When the learners click on the Play Sentence button, they hear a sentence. One word in this spoken sentence may be 'beaten' or 'bitten'. The learners click on the one they think they hear. Learners can call up the written sentence and record themselves. Each sentence set has an average of 10 test items.
This is the Make-your-own-test for consonant sounds. Learners choose up to four sounds and must then click on the Play button and drag the word they hear into the correct box. The learner can practise a wide variety of sounds in this way.