About Word and Phrasal Stress
This is one of the pages that deals with the rules of Word Stress.
In the first part of this activity, you listen to 20 words or phrases (of two, three or four syllables) and click on the stressed part. When you click on the correct answer, the next set will appear. There are, altogether, over 350 items, which  appear randomly. When you have completed 20 items you will be able to see the words/phrases again. See next screenshot.
 After you have listened and clicked on 20 test items, the words/phrases which  you have completed will appear in their correct columns with black items  signifying ones you have answered correctly and red items signifying incorrectly  completed answers. You may then listen to each item, record it and compare  with the model.
In this activity you will hear six words, (of two, three or four syllables). You must decide which ONE has been stressed differently from the others. When you click on the box next to the correct answer, the next set will appear. You may click on each word to hear its sound or choose to Play All Words automatically.
This page tests the learners' ability to see where the stress falls in two-syllable words that change their stress depending on whether they are nouns or verbs. There are 40 items (20 verbs, 20 nouns), which appear randomly in batches of 20 items at a time. The HELP button gives you the general rules surrounding two-syllable word stress.
Compound Words. Firstly you must drag words from the left column and words from the right column into boxes A and B. When your combination makes a compound word, the compound appears at the bottom of the page. When all ten words have been successfully put together, you move to the second part of the activity. See next screenshot.
Click on the buttons next to each compound to hear how it sounds. Then click on the stressed part of the compound. You may also record your voice and compare with the models.