About Murder Mystery
This is the first page in Murder Mystery. Here you learn about what the program entails. Learners new to the program should click on the Story button where the scenario is explained. See next screenshot. Learners then select the level at which they wish to work.
The murder story is explained on this page. Learners can either listen to or read the information. They may refer back to this page at any time during the activity.
On this page they must listen to six people giving their alibis and write simple notes based on what they hear in the time fields. The control buttons allow users to play from the beginning, to pause and to play the action. They may click on "What did I hear?" to see any complex expressions used by the suspects. See next screenshot.
When the learners have completed the alibi notes, the program moves automatically to this page where they can examine their notes as well as the Policeman's report. They must then find the person who tells TWO LIES. All six suspects can be the murderers, each having their own scenario. When they have worked out who dun it, they click on the "I ACCUSE" button. See next screenshot.
The learner must click on the suspect who murdered Dolly Dee. If they are correct, they move automatically on to the Find the Accomplice section. See next screenshot. If they are wrong, they can go back and get a clue, or try again. If they are wrong the second time, they will not be able to carry on with this murder scenario.
Having correctly identified the murderer, the learners must find the accomplice by finding the person who has made the MOST MISTAKES IN ENGLISH. They can check if the words/expressions they have selected as being wrong are correct by clicking on the CHECK MISTAKES button. Having accused the correct suspect, the learners can click on the mistakes and see the correct forms. Each murder scenario has a different accomplice.