About Read up - Speed up

This is the main menu, from which you may access the four different levels in Read Up - Speed Up.


The texts and the accompanying tests are graded in terms of difficulty.

This is the pre-intermediate level menu, from which you may access the different texts.


There are twenty texts per level.


As you click on each title, you will see what kind of text this is, i.e. General, Business or Science-related.

Having chosen the text you wish to read, you must then determine how you wish to see the text, and the speed at which you wish the text to appear.


You may see one, two or three lines at a time. If you select one line at a time, you can then decide how many words (1 - 8) you wish to see at any time.


You may set the speed to suit your reading ability. You may also change the colour of the text and the colour of the background. 

The reader has here chosen three lines of text to appear for five seconds at a time.


You can also pause the text, rewind it and fast forward it. You can make the text larger and smaller.

This is the first page of the test. Each question answered correctly first time gets a score.


If you answer incorrectly three times, the correct answer appears automatically..